A performative exhibition for Dutch Design Week 2020

Inspired by the physical and emotional complexities of knotted connections, designers Pien Post and Maria Beaumaster will debut the exhibition TIE THE KNOT October 17-25 2020 as part of the DDW 2020 virtual platform.

Easily overlooked, knots pervade our daily lives. Shaped properly, a knot can hold valued objects in place or release them quickly. A knot can merge materials, bind separate entities, convey information, or limit movement.

TIE THE KNOT is the digital documentation of the intimacy surrounding the single gesture of knotting. For the duration of DDW the designers will undergo an intensive process of creation in which they literally tie the knot, transforming single threads into knots, transforming knots into objects, transforming time and repetition into a physical output.

The output created during this exhibition are intentional actions of connection and will be mailed to selected individuals with whom the designers desire to become (re)intimate. Both the action of knotting and the action of giving will be documented and shared for the general public.

This exhibition is the second time the designers have collaborated for DDW, following their exhibition Working Hard or Hardly Working shown last year at Veem, Eindhoven. TIE THE KNOT is a pragmatic response to the current circumstances, and perhaps a nostalgic ideation of created connection and intimacy.

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